Why did Belgium and the Netherlands split in 1830, and once they did, why did Flanders go together with Belgium? : AskHistorians

Why did Belgium and the Netherlands split in 1830, and once they did, why did Flanders go together with Belgium? : AskHistorians

I would not recommand anyone to go to Belgium, apart from the music festivals. They are good and have a tendency to attract open minded individuals.

So you could be offended with me for expressing my opinion primarily based on experience in your nation. Or you possibly can think that being nice would possibly change my opinion. All you did was verify what I already thought. From my old landlord a Maroccan, I know the Belgians take racism to a whole new degree.

Like a said before some folks do really feel offended because Belgium is always seen as boring and uninteresting. We’re the underdog, the little brother, the nerd in your classroom, a simple goal, always have been… properly possibly that’s the place we love to be. Not in the course of all consideration like the remainder of the world which all look like “Yoyo Gansta-bling wanna be’s” with no persona. Stating that I did something to deserve this therapy is strictly what I imply, Belgians don’t take criticism very well.

has two mother and father or adoptive dad and mom born abroad who submitted a declaration earlier than that individual’s twelfth birthday requesting that the person be granted Belgian nationality. Belgium should have been the parents’ major place of residence in the course of the 10 years previous the declaration, and the particular person should have lived in Belgium since start. It’s a common misconception that the Flemish share a culture with the Dutch. In reality, the Northern Netherlands and the Spanish / Austrian Netherlands had been going their separate methods since the late 16th century. By the time the Belgian rebellion rolls round in 1830, the two international locations actually didn’t have that much in widespread anymore.

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Northern Belgium would most likely be one with Holland and the South, France. It’s only a joke if the underlying statement is true.

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In some circumstances citizenship is granted to kids born in Belgium to non-Belgian mother and father; nevertheless, this isn’t the case if the mother and father are momentary or quick-time period visitors. A good resource in English to seek the advice of for individuals who wish to make sense of the sophisticated history of the Low Countries (i.e. roughly talking the Netherlands and Belgium) is History of the Low Countries by Blom and Lamberts. “Frieten” or French Fries begin slightly below 2 Euro. Being a local dish Belgians consider part of their local heritage I would recommend to at least once go to a local “Frituur”.

you wrote about brussels atomium, have you learnt what atoms imply? I am sure none of your fourteenth generation has seen or can perceive the great thing about brugge. of course like many different nations belgium has problems as nicely. however the belgians learnt to reside in an advanced system, its their high quality. flemish people can communicate several language, its their high quality.

When not doing half-time jobs, Belgian women nonetheless “do more of the domestic work”, depending on the agreement between feminine and male companions. Belgian men are known to be well mannered, delicate-spoken and courteous. They will typically rise when a girl enters the room or stand on public transportation until women are seated, which is a sign of respect. Do not be surprised to get a ‘judging look’ by folks in Belgium should you don’t adhere to social norms; they are especially keen on good manners in public locations. Belgian women are typically independent, with Belgium boasting good wage equality and employment situations.

I mean who actually offers a damn what Mr Ferrel thinks anyway? Idk about everyone else however he’s one of many final people I’d take travel and exploring recommendation from. More of what some celebrity says is the reality bull shit.

And if I would have written an article it would have been much nastier. I have lived in Belgium several occasions, labored in Belgium, been a vacationer in Belgium. Belgium is sweet when you’ll be able to avoid the Belgians.

More so it’s actually lawfully listed that when you work in a retailer any part of Belgium you should be capable of serve your customers in the language of that a part of the nation. And lets be sincere should you come to Flanders you’ll largely be served in French but when we go to Wallonië we are so much much less more likely to be served in Dutch proper?

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I point out an issue and you force me to explain that more individuals can testify that they had this downside. I do have some Belgian pals, they affirm my tales and are apolegetic for their fellow Flemish. They share my opinion that generally the Flemish are not very friendly to strangers, not very welcoming and petty and infantile of their perspective and behavior towards the Dutch. So right here it’s, just some examples of the unhealthy shit the Belgians pulled on me or people I know.

They see folks from the Congo, France and North Africa together with EEC officers and other of the worlds francophones, but not so many Walloon households in any respect. The Flemish Government are belgium women not about to provide away part of their heritage, so just get used to it. I was learning in Antwerp, but I came independantly. My household is a mix of German, Dutch, Indonesian and French.

But god forbid anyone would ever point this out, because no-one is allowed to talk critisim about Belgium. The fact that you don’t know your national anthem just demonstrates that there isn’t any such thing as a nationwide identification. Belgium is a pleasant nation, it isn’t excellent, it IS complicated (but so are the folks dwelling here).

All in all, the fact that there isn’t anything properly documented right here, and that there isn’t any positive observe on this article, makes it simply obviously silly. All the foreigners I know who visited Belgium and stayed there for more than a day informed me how cool this nation is, Belgians have a fantastic sense of humor, they know hos to celebration, they’ve great beer, they’re pleasant and open-minded.